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Night light starry sky

Night light starry sky

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Article number 51291002
Projected stars 1000
Shooting star effect Not
Power AA 3pcs
Number of lenses 0
Number of discs included 0
Rotation of the starry sky Not
Compatibility with additional disks Not
Sound effects Not
Projection diameter (m) 0
22$ 11$
3D карта Звездного неба + 3D очки
Laser projector of the starry sky Laser Stars
Article number 51402001
Projected stars Abstraction
Shooting star effect Not
Power Network 220V
Number of lenses laser
Number of discs included Diskless
209$ 149$

A night light projector is a device designed to project an image or pattern of stars and other celestial objects onto the walls and ceiling of a room. It creates a calming and relaxing environment, especially for children, who often find comfort in the soft light and peaceful imagery.

Night light projectors come in various designs and models, ranging from simple rotating lights with a few different patterns to advanced models that can play music, sound effects, and change the display based on the time of day.

Some night light projectors are also designed to mimic the motion of the stars across the night sky, adding to the realism of the experience.

Whether used as a night light, a sleep aid, or simply as a way to create a cozy and calming atmosphere, a night light projector can be a valuable addition to any home.